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After having my home in Binghamton, NY listed with one of the top rate real estate agencies in the area for one year, I listed my home with Strong Realty on The results were immediate. Eric and Caren showed my property more in one month than the other agency had in one year, and they sold it for the asking price in less than 3 months. I would highly recommend selling your home with the help of Strong Realty on Their service is incomparable!

  — Marvin Cody

After interviewing several real estate agents, I decided to list my home with, Broome County’s Discount broker. Other Brokers had wanted to charge as much as 7% to sell my property. When I compared this to’s fee of 1%, it was an easy decision to make!

Eight hours after listing my property online, I received my first phone call from a potential buyer. I showed my property to several buyers, and with Eric’s guidance, I went to contract within three days! I also received several back-up offers before closing on my property.

I would recommend taking a look at’s discount service if you are selling or buying property.

  — Milo Williams - Vestal

BroomeRealEstate helped me with the purchase of an investment property. Eric took the time and sat down with me to discuss my investment criteria and went through listings, evaluating each one to see if they met my set of criteria. From contract to closing, Eric was always available to answer any questions I had. After closing, BroomeRealEstate proved even more valuable by providing me with the tools and resources to effectively manage my rental. The contracts and forms section of the website was very helpful. BroomeRealEstate also provided me with a cost effective advertising outlet for my rental. As a result, I have received over 50 calls on my apartment and rented it to a qualified tenant.

  — Michael Hammond has helped our company turn the corner! Not only have we filled our vacancies with quality tenants in just days, but we still continue to get calls by tenants and we now know what is in demand for future purchases. All this for just a fraction of the cost of other advertising. We strongly recommend!

  — Forte Management Group LLC is a great web site for listing an apartment in Broome County. In just two weeks I showed our apartment to 6 well-qualified renters and had my apartment rented. Good prospects, fast response, courteous service! I look forward to utilizing your service again!

  — Dave is apartment hunting made easy! Eliminates time spent calling and driving around the triple cities when you can see photos and get addresses online immediately. So much more informative and efficient than a three line newspaper ad; people aren’t always home to answer calls. If only all landlords did this!

  — Amy and Carissa offers a great product & personalized service!

Having already sold a home ourselves in another market recently, we were relieved to find a similar service in this area. While many testimonials speak of the monetary savings, it is the personal interaction with the potential buyers we find the most rewarding. When we used realtors to buy or sell homes we found ourselves reluctantly playing the "phone game" …the childhood game where as the message is passed down the line until it no longer resembles the original one. We found by dealing directly with potential buyers, the transactions are more efficient, less time consuming and less frustrating for all involved – the focus is people dealing with people, honestly & fairly. Eric & Caren truly help you succeed regardless of what level of service you choose from them. Offering the three levels of service ensures anyone can sell their own home if they choose. Thanks to them, we had the choice to sell our home ourselves and also a choice in the level of support services we wished to receive from them. Although our house in Binghamton sold within hours of putting the sign out (before it was ever listed on their website or advertised in any way), and realistically we could have probably just stuck a "For Sale By Owner" sign out front, we are glad we used their service because of the professionalism & support given during the process. Eric & Caren’s intention of truly being of service & helping others is clearly evident in the product & personalized service they provide.

  — Rick & Sally - Apalachin NY scores an A+ in effectively and efficiently marketing and selling our 2 homes. Eric and Caren provided both the needed expertise and sound practical advice to maximize prospective buyers’ exposure to our properties and … more importantly … the dollars left in our pocket! The least we could do in return is to discuss our pleasure with their service with prospective sellers.

  — Gary B. Kline, Esq. and Maureen Kline was the only broker we spoke to that would offer us flexible fees. Our circumstances were that we had just bought our house a year prior and my husband was soon transferred to work out of town. At first we tried to sell our house by ourselves but then Eric Strong called and offered us other options. sold our home in approximately 3 months, saved us $6700 in real estate fees, and helped us locate a buyer broker to find the home we now live in on Long Island. We definitely recommend listing your home through

  — Mai & Carlo Maurizio

Buying a home with the services provided by Eric Strong and was a wonderful experience! I enjoyed the counseling, friendship and support that Eric provided throughout the entire home buying process. Eric’s professionalism brought to my attention things that I would not ordinarily been aware of. Recently, I have reviewed Eric’s online program and know that it will be extremely helpful to other Buyers that are in the process of Buying or Selling property.

  — Mike Horbay

By using, I sold my home in just a few days! Selling my home could not have been easier. I saved about $5000 in real estate fees! Eric explained the entire process of selling my house and worked with the buyer to write up a contract. Eric was always available via cell phone or email to answer any of my questions. His advice really helped make the sale of my home fast and easy.

I would highly recommend to anyone that is selling their home and wants to save a lot of money in the process!

  — Sarah Sienko, Conklin, NY

Deb and I want to congratulate you as well as thank you for a job well done in the way you handled the sale of our house on Madison Drive in Vestal. You predicted we could sell our home within 30 days. As you know, we found a buyer in less than 2 days from the time you told us, "OK, we’re ready to put it on the market."

Many people would say that selling a house in 2 days is just a matter of luck. But we know better!

Is selling a house easy? Sure it is, when you have Eric Strong of working with you! Our compliments to the dedication and diligence you bring to your service. Thank you and best wishes for continued success.

  — Bob & Deb McMinn

Eric Strong was a God-send. I made some major decisions and changed my way of living, I moved from NYC to Broome county and went from being an apartment renter to a home purchaser in one fell swoop! Eric was my mentor and coach. He listened very carefully and helped me weed out houses that were just NOT going to work for me. Eric helped me find the perfect little house that meets my needs and creates a sense of peace and contentment. Eric Strong is not about making the quick buck. He is about assisting people to make the best decisions that they can make. As a result, this community can flourish with the infusion of energy, talents and resources of his clients. Thank you, Eric for taking the time to listen and matching me to my sweet new home.

  — Janet Kent - Johnson City

Eric took photos of our home and had our home listed on Broome County’s MLS within 24 hours. The pictures of our home were excellent and Eric brought us an approved buyer in less than 3 weeks, with no open house or newspaper ad. Eric charged only 1% for his service. The other two houses on our street are still for sale by full fee real estate agencies after 80 days. We highly recommend selling your house with

  — Michael Ratway, Owego, NY

I have used three times to rent my apartments. Each time your web site helped me find nice professional tenants quickly. Your advertising works great and at a fraction of the cost of the newspaper! truly provides a great place for landlords to advertise their rentals! Thanks again for all your service.

  — Frank Lucia

I hired Eric Strong of Strong Realty to be my buyer’s agent. Eric helped me with all aspects of my new home purchase. It was so simple! I filled out Strong Realty’s homebuyer questionaire, then Eric helped me quickly obtain mortgage pre-approval. Within 30 days Eric found me a quality duplex and did a fine job negotiating for me. Eric’s knowledge and professionalism made buying my new home very easy. He took the time to inform me about all the properties that met my criteria. I would highly recommend that you call Eric at 725-ERIC if you are in the market for a home.

  — Mike Stanton

I just wanted to let you know….I have viewed all the real estate pages in the area…and yours is by far the best! My wife & I enjoy viewing the real estate you have to offer in the comfort of our home and look forward to your new listings.

  — Mike & Rose Murphy - Vestal

I purchased my first home with the help of Eric and Caren Strong. Both Eric and Caren were extremely helpful and went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable with my first real estate purchase. At all times I felt very confident they knew what they were talking about as they helped me with every aspect of my purchase. I am so happy with my new home! Thank you so much Eric and Caren for making the process so simple and enjoyable!

  — Meghan Snell - Vestal

I rented my apartment in less than 2 weeks and found your service very efficient. I will definitely recommend your service to other landlords and tenants.

  — Lisa Hoke

I tried calling several other real estate agents for property information and nobody called me back. Then I called Eric Strong at on his cell phone and he immediately set up several appointments for the next day. In this competitive market, I wanted a responsive agent that would help me quickly find what I was looking for in a home. Eric helped me accomplish my goal within hours and helped me line up financing and a home inspection. I could not have asked for better service!

  — Terri Slocum, Binghamton

I want to thank Eric and Caren Strong for selling my parent’s house at 17 Vincent St., Binghamton, NY. You assisted me in all aspects of the sale and truly simplified the selling process. We never thought that selling a home would be so easy! You provided easy, affordable counseling every step of the way and we appreciate it. I highly recommend if you are selling or buying a home.

  — Kathy Citrinti

I want to thank you both for your service. I have done two previous FSBOs, but none have gone as well or as smoothly as this one.

The information you provide on your website is excellent. Every home seller could benefit from visiting your site, reading the informative material you have provided, and more importantly, following it!

I was very impressed with how responsive you were to all my needs. My home was posted on your site and the Broome Real Estate MLS within a day of listing with you and there was a prompt response to all my inquiries. In my opinion BroomeRealEstate offers an outstanding array of services at fair and affordable price points. I wish you great success with your new website design and regional expansion.

  — Jim Lake - Vestal, NY

I was thrilled when I discovered your web site -! I rented my apartment in less than one week for about half of what one week’s newspaper ad cost me. It was encouraging to see how quickly I rented my apartment with your service. I would highly recommend your service to my friends and other Landlords in Broome County. My new tenants are as enthusiastic about the apartment as I am about them. I think it’s going to be a very good match! Thank you, Eric, and!

  — Pat Glazier

I wish to thank Eric and Caren Strong of for the wonderful job of selling my home in just 4 days. Eric came to my home during one of the worst snow storms of the season to go over the process of selling my home. I really thought Eric would just instruct me to what needed to be done to get my home marketable. To my surprise and good fortune, Eric carefully explained the entire selling process to me along with his unique selling techniques. He proceeded to counsel me while taking superb photos of my home.

To my great delight, after only 1 day on his web site, a couple called and scheduled an appointment to look at my home. The next day, the couple came back for a second look and submitted an offer which I accepted. I closed on my home shortly thereafter. Eric’s program allowed me to save a lot in real estate fees and remain in control of my sale.

I would highly recommend to anyone interested in buying or selling a home.

  — Kathleen MacDonald

I’m sure you are shocked and amazed to be receiving this letter after nearly two years! But, even after all this time it just shows we have not forgotten how thankful we are to you and Caren for assisting us with the selling of our home on " South Mountain." As you well know we had attempted to sell our home on our own without success. We were moving out of state in less than 6 weeks, had only been in the home for 1 year and the market was not quite yet a seller’s market. Naturally we wanted to save on realtor fees and that is what Strong Realty’s program allowed us to do. The house sold in 18 days and we saved $3,840 in realtor fees! We still received the advantages of listing our home with a realtor - advertising, incentives to other agents, etc. But, also retained the ability to sell it on our own saving up to 3%. Your program is truly what the doctored ordered. Again, thank you and all our best to you.

  — Dr. & Mrs. Douglas P. Roegner

If you are looking for someone to sell your house, look no further. Eric and Caren Strong provide excellent service. They offer integrity, knowledge, plus infinite patience and understanding.

We’ve sold 2 homes with Strong Realty in the last 8 years. The first one took a couple of months, the second home took only a couple of days to sell and we received multiple bids above our asking price. We saved a lot of money with Strong Realty. Both Eric & Caren really know their business and made the selling process easy and affordable.

  — Bill & Maureen Tanner

My wife and I had been trying to sell our home for almost a year. Other Realtors advertised our house sporadically, with no real strategy to reach out and find qualified buyers. And in this tight seller\’s market, the few offers we received were never enough to cover our mortgage and the broker\’s commissions. That all changed when we listed with

There was an immediate and focused effort to aggressively advertise our home.\’s \"Discount Fees\" gave us the freedom to sell. So, 16 days after we hired, we sold our home.

  — Robert Kilmer and Laura O’Laughlin

Nice job selling my parent\’s home! Your advice and counsel saved us thousands of dollars and made the sale quick and easy! We are glad we listed with your company and will recommend you to others!

  — Lisa Armstrong - Milkovich, Apalachin

Our home was listed for 2 years with one of the leading real estate agencies with no success. After listing with Eric Strong on our house was sold in just a little over one month. Eric took the time to take us through the process, making suggestions and helping us to set the right price. I was amazed how quickly we sold our home for the price we wanted and saved over $5000 in real estate fees. I would highly recommend Thank you for your outstanding service!

  — Tom and Cindy Novobilski

Our many thanks for helping us find a wonderful home and neighbors! Your professional assistance and caring attitude really made all the difference. We want others to know how special your service is!

  — Tom and Sharon O’Connor

Our neighbors told us about and their Discount Fees. Unfortunately, we over improved our property and the real estate market had been in a real downturn.

We have to thank for their flexible fee program and the invaluable counseling they provided prior to marketing our home.’s discount fees allowed us to minimize our loss. Within 7 days we had 2 offers; two months later we closed.’s service was very personalized and thorough! The best yet, we saved thousands of dollars.

  — Tom & Barbara Pica

Thank you again for helping me rent two more apartments. has been extremely cost effective for me and has reached out to a lot of good quality tenants. I have used this web site for a couple of years and I am extremely satisfied. I will continue to use this great source for finding tenants at a reasonable cost. Thank you for all of your support!

  — David Aldrich

Thank you Eric & Caren for all your assistance is selling my home!
Your guidance, knowledge and skills made all the difference. I will definitely recommend your service to all my friends!

  — Sandra Crounse

Thank you Eric for helping sell my home. I have now sold 2 homes with you and both times you made the process very efficient.

  — Anthony Damelia - Binghamton

Thank you for your help in selling our home! Your courteous service and forthright counsel were a great help to us! You made the impossible possible! Wishing you and Caren all the best with your business!

  — Doug & Theresa Gardner

Thank you for helping us sell our home next door. We enjoyed working with you. You not only understood our needs but were better prepared than most agents and knew right away which personalities will match. We thank you for bringing us such wonderful neighbors and wish you continued success!

  — Hermann & Erika Schmid

Thank you for introducing us to your innovative real estate marketing procedure.

Prior to our involvement with, Mary and I were under two (2) separate standard contracts with local realtors for the sale of our home. While these contracts generated some interest over the course of their duration, neither was nearly as effective in bringing potential buyers to our home as your system.

We also liked being in charge of setting up appointments, showing the house and running the open houses. It gave us a much better feel for what people were looking for and allowed us to answer their questions directly.

Please accept our sincere thanks for your dedication and effort – it clearly made the difference in allowing us to sell our house.

  — Mary and Jim Sheridan

Thank you for selling my land in Kirkwood in less than one month! Your service is truly remarkable.
We will recommend it to our friends!

  — Jeffrey Dean

Thank you for selling our home on 3 Stone Road in just 2 weeks. Your service is terrific! No one else could have helped us achieve our asking price so quickly. Your program offers consumers what they want - fast, reliable service.

  — Sam & Kelley Russo, Binghamton

Thank you for the exceptional professionalism and seamless diligence of you and your firm. In an industry hampered by incompetence, your firm distinguishes itself. You provide value in a space not serviceable by
the "big" firms or the "average joe". We will not hesitate to recommend Strong Realty to the SUNY Binghamton academic community and the neighbors and Vestal home owners we know.

Thank you again for an excellent result,

  — Erik and Katri Sieberg

Thank you for your FAST SERVICE in getting our apartment on-line. Your service was very EFFECTIVE and brought us several quality calls immediately. I would recommend your SPEEDY and PERSONALIZED service to all Landlords. Finally, thanks for providing us with your EYE-CATCHING "FOR RENT" SIGN to notify tenants that our apartment was available.

Last but not least, thanks for the personal assistance you provided in TEACHING US "HOW TO DO IT RIGHT" - all at a very AFFORDABLE PRICE! Within 10 days of obtaining your service, our apartment was rented. Your SIGN and ON-LINE pictures definitely motivated a personal view. Clearly, offers a HIGH QUALITY RESOURCE that more Landlords should take advantage of! Your COMPETITIVE RATES and up to date SERVICE is a resource that Broome County has needed for a long time!


  — Jim and Merieca

Thanks again for your help. Your service and professionalism are great!

  — Peter Fettuccuia - Castleton, NY

We both strongly recommend We never had such courteous service from any agency. They were so helpful with posting our apartment, and finding good reliable tenants. Within 10 days we had numerous prospective tenants and finally found just what we were looking for. We have tried numerous other ways to find tenants, but this was the very BEST way and we are very pleased. They came and took pictures and worked closely with us to find just the right tenant. We will utilize their services again and recommend them to all our friends!

  — Paul and Linda

We decided to place our home on the market in May. We researched traditional real estate companies and found that they did not meet our needs. We discussed the idea of selling our home ourselves. It appealed to us, but we had very little knowledge about the various aspects of determining price and negotiating offers. At this point, we accidentally came across and Eric Strong. He fit our needs perfectly! Our responsibility was to arrange open houses and to show our home to perspective buyers. That was the easiest part. We found Eric to be efficient, knowledgeable and helpful. All this at a reasonable price! Eric remained supportive and instructive during the entire negotiation process. In our opinion, offers the best way to advertise and sell your home!

  — Helene & John Corrigan

We highly recommend the services provided by Eric Strong at! He was always available and went out of his way to help, giving suggestions and guidance. Online forms made the task easy, and the web site is great. We got a tremendous response with a high number of phone calls, and our home is now leased. The fees are VERY reasonable, so whether you’re renting or selling, why not give it a try before spending much more with a "traditional" realtor!

  — Bill & Deb

We just wanted to thank you for the exceptional job you did with the sale of 1508 Drexel Drive and all the efforts you made to keep us informed and for the way you looked out for our interest as a "seller’s agent also selling the buyer’s house". We will be sure to let hundreds of our friends and acquaintances at work and home in Binghamton area know about our positive experience with you.

  — Shikha Gupta - Vestal

We listed our commercial property on and received a signed contract in just one day! Our building sold for more than the appraised value, and we avoided more than $5,000 in real estate fees. We highly recommend your service and want to thank you for time and money you saved us!

  — Wilton Vought, Binghamton

We listed our home with Eric Strong of and sold it in just a few days. Eric was very helpful and courteous with his explanations of what we could expect in the sale process. He gave us some very good tips on the best way to show, and ultimately sell our home. Our experience with Eric was much more satisfying and comfortable than our previous experiences with other more conventional realtors in this area. Eric not only saved us valuable time in the sale process, but also saved us thousands of dollars in realtor fees. This is the second sale that Eric has handled for our family. We would highly recommend Eric Strong if you are looking for an honest and reliable real estate broker for your next purchase or sale of a home.

  — Tina and Bill Zacharias

We owe a big thanks to Eric and Caren Strong of for the successful sale of our 100 Elsmere Place, Vestal house.

Selling a home in this competitive real estate market is a huge challenge. Partnering with offered us "On Line" service and the marketing assistance needed to sell our house in less than 3 months.

Moreover, using the Discount MLS Service offered by we saved thousands of dollars in realtor fees!

We enjoyed working with Eric Strong who provided us with essential home selling techniques and guidance throughout the entire process. Backed with his knowledge and experience we had the confidence to handle every aspect of home selling.

Based on our savings and overall positive experience we can highly recommend to anyone considering selling real estate property.

  — Dennis and Sharon Urgento

We recently listed our home with and within 2 weeks we received 2 offers. We were amazed how quickly our home sold. Eric provided excellent counseling and support and saved us $5,000 in real estate fees. Everyone should sell with!

  — Steve Cocco, Apalachin

We were very satisfied with’s For Sale By Owner service. Eric was great to work with, encouraging and supportive, as we planned the marketing of our home. It was very reassuring to be able to draw on his experience through the process of selling our home. We heartily recommend!

  — Tom and Theresa Roepke

We would like to personally thank Eric and Caren Strong for their help in selling our home in a matter of days. My husband and I tried for several weeks to sell it on our own without a realtor– but didn’t have much luck. When we heard about and the discount MLS program that Eric offers we called him right away. Eric came to our house and spent a great deal of time explaining the process to us. Within two days of placing a sign in our front yard, we had a full price offer! Eric and Caren were very thorough, and were available 24 hours a day to answer any questions we had. For us, the process was quick and easy thanks to Eric and Caren. We would highly recommend to anyone looking to affordably buy or sell a home.

  — Alyssa & Brian Page - Apalachin

Your apartment service is by far the best in town! I was able to rent my apartment in less than 1 week! If I have a vacancy, I will use your service again. Thanks!

  — Jeff Kopolow

Your service came highly recommended and I now know why! Despite the difficult economy, you sold our house in a very efficient manner. I was were very pleased with your marketing efforts and communication skills. Few agents could have advised us so well! It was a pleasure to have your assistance.

  — Yuri Bugayov

Your service is very helpful and easy to use. I rented my Binghamton apartment in less than 1 week. I will definitely recommend your service to others.

  — Dale Rupert - Binghamton