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Showing Tips

Helpful Showing Tips

Always make sure your property makes a favorable first impression! Make sure your carpets and windows are clean, mow your lawn, add new mulch and plants to your flowerbeds and rake up leaves around your house. For more ideas, print out our Seller Preparation and Open House checklists.

Before Buyers arrive, turn on all lights and open all draperies and blinds. Have a few Property Displays and a copy of your Seller Improvement Form available for Buyers to review. Print out our Buyer Registry and record the names and phone numbers of all Buyers who visit your property.

When Buyers arrive, greet them in a pleasant manner and hand them a property display. Try remembering the Buyers’ names. Allow the Buyers to wander through your home or give them a guided tour. Let them have enough time to evaluate your home without rushing them through too quickly. Listen to each Buyer’s comments and answer all questions honestly.

Know your property’s selling points and be prepared to explain why you are selling your home.

After showing your property, bid the Buyers good-bye, and offer all Buyers a second opportunity to view your property. Tell Buyers to call or email you with any additional questions.

When showing your property, pay close attention to Buyer’s comments and try to repair or clean up any areas of your home that receive unfavorable comments.

Finally, never oversell your property, just let your home sell itself! Serious Buyers will call you if they are interested in making an offer. Remember to remain patient, stick to your marketing plan and let our system work for you!

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