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Show your property

Step 7- Show your property

Showing your property is an important part of the selling process! Review our tips below and become an expert!

Greet buyers in a friendly manner.
Begin by introducing yourself and handing buyers a property profile sheet. Allow buyers to look by themselves or take them on a guided tour. Most buyers will prefer to look on their own, but if you insist on showing your property, start the tour. After the buyers have browsed your property, take a moment to ask the buyers if they have any questions. Follow our safety tips and hide all your valuables before showing your property.

Practice showing your property to a neighbor, friend or family member.
If you don’t have much home selling experience, ask a neighbor or friend to walk through your property. Have them give you some helpful suggestions. With a little practice, you will discover showing your home is quite easy! In fact, you’ve probably heard the expression, “properties sell themselves”. That’s why preparing and pricing your property are essential to your success.

Place important property information on a table for the buyer to review. The following documents should be placed on a table or countertop for the buyer’s review. You can find these forms on our seller task list page.

  • Buyer sign-in sheet
  • Property profile sheet
  • Home inspection report
  • Seller property condition disclosure
  • Seller property improvement form
  • Finance sheets with estimated monthly payment & closing costs
  • Tax bills, utility bills, property survey
  • Additional seasonal photos of your property
  • A copy of your market analysis or appraisal

Prior to showing, make sure your property is clean and well organized. Open your curtains; turn on your interior lights and roll out your welcome mat! If you have pets, contain them so they don’t interrupt your showing. To get your home in show condition, review our seller preparation and open house checklists.

Try not to oversell your property.
No one likes a pushy salesman! It’s okay to be enthusiastic, but buying a home is a personal choice, so let the buyer preview your home without following too closely. If you are determined to show your property, afford the buyer enough space and time to preview each room.

Most of today’s buyers know exactly what they are looking for. They will be looking at your property’s size, layout, amenities, decor, foundation, landscaping, neighborhood, taxes, utility budgets and school district. They will also be looking at windows, plumbing, electrical, heating, kitchen, baths, roof, construction quality, room sizes and special features your property has to offer. To “get a better feel” for your home, many buyers will be trying to envision how your property will accommodate their furniture and lifestyle.

When answering a buyer’s questions, be sincere, straight forward and honest.
If you don’t know the answer to a question, then clearly indicate so. Inaccurate responses could jeopardize your sale, undermine your credibility and lead to expensive litigation. So, try not to make any false misrepresentations.

Each showing will be different, so learn to be flexible when showing your property.
Keep an open mind and learn from each showing. When you find the right buyer, an offer will be made! Be courteous and learn from each showing experience. Listen carefully to what a buyer has to say; remain objective, and if needed, make improvements to your property.

How should you handle a buyer’s concerns?
Trying to change a buyer’s perception can be difficult. Listen to the buyer’s comments and remain non-confrontational. Let buyers think they are in control. Listen to their preferences and objections and continue to focus on what they like best about your property.

Buyer needs and tastes vary, so don’t be alarmed by the comments you receive. Be mindful, buyers will view your property from different perspectives. What may seem beautiful or practical to you may not be to the buyer. Buyers’ lifestyles, family sizes, and financial incomes often dictate what buyers will eventually buy. After showing your property, let the buyers know they can call or e-mail you with any additional questions. Have each buyer sign your Buyer Registry.

Don’t be afraid to ask for the sale!
After each showing, call all interested buyers within 24-48 hours and ask the buyers if they would like to make an offer or view your property again. If the buyer(s) are interested in making an offer, have them fill out a residential purchase agreement and be prepared to negotiate. If the buyer(s) are not interested in your property, ask the buyer(s) for constructive feedback and continue to show and market your property.

Obtaining buyer feedback is an important part of the selling process.
Constructive feedback will help you improve upon your property’s weak points. Sometimes, painting a room, mowing a lawn, staining a deck, removing a pet odor or replacing a light bulb can make a difference. At other times, you may need to adjust your asking price, do more marketing, or host an open house. Whatever feedback you receive, consider it helpful and continue to improve your property’s presentation.

When a buyer is ready to make an offer, be ready to sit down and negotiate.
Staying in touch with interested buyers can help you build a comfortable rapport and increase your chance of selling your property. Follow your instincts, act rationally, and if necessary, be ready to compromise. Keep the goal of selling your property in mind and work out the details and terms of your sale! View our helpful seller contract questions.

Our system has a unique way of bringing you qualified buyers when you least expect it, so be ready when a buyer calls for an appointment! Be courteous and try to accommodate the buyer’s schedule, but always think about your safety first! Follow your instincts and get in the habit of recording each buyer’s name and phone number.

Before each appointment, try telephoning the buyer before they come to view your property. Verify if the buyer has given you their correct name and phone number. When possible, show your property during daylight hours. If you feel uncomfortable, ask a friend or neighbor to be present during each showing. Serious buyers will usually be patient and will work within your schedule.

Good luck showing and selling your property!

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