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Seller Task List

Home Seller Checklist

Are you looking to make your sale a little easier?

Before you begin the selling process…

Locate your Abstract of Title or Title Insurance Policy
Prepare your property for sale - view checklist
Inspect your property before you sell - hire an inspector
Obtain contractor estimates if you have any major problems

Determine your property’s value by obtaining a market analysis or appraisal
Locate your survey, utility & tax bills, most recent appraisal, tenant leases & expenses
Determine the balance of your mortgage & home equity loans - calculate your net proceeds
Measure your room sizes and advertise your property’s most important selling features

Complete our seller improvement form listing any recent major improvements
Complete our seller property condition disclosure
Take digital photos of your property & obtain a yard sign
Have a lender prepare a free finance sheet with estimated closing costs

Select a knowledgeable real estate attorney
Review our sample ads and ad writing tips
Post your ad online and download some property profile sheets
Print out our buyer sign in sheet to record names & phone numbers of Buyers

Qualify Buyers by asking these questions
Review our open house checklist and prepare a residential contract

Place this information on a table before your Buyer arrives!

Buyer Sign in Sheet Property Profile Sheet
Home Inspection Report
Seller Property Condition Disclosure
Seller Property Improvement Form
Finance Sheets with Estimated Monthly Payment & Closing Costs
Tax Bills, Utility Bills, Property Survey
Additional Seasonal Photos of your Property
A copy of your Market Analysis or Appraisal, if helpful

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