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Negotiation Tips

Negotiation Tips for Sellers

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  • Have a copy of your Inspection Report and Appraisal ready for each Buyer to review.
  • Ask the Buyer for a copy of their mortgage pre-qualification letter.
  • Always let the Buyer make the first offer!
  • Look at and evaluate all contract terms, contingencies and addendum.
  • When reviewing an offer, make sure all terms and conditions of the purchase offer are in writing.
  • If you receive more than one offer, determine which offer is best for you.
  • Make sure you can meet all terms of the offer, including the closing date!
  • Remember that compromise is in the spirit of negotiation!
  • Realize that sometimes your first offer may be your best offer, so consider it carefully!
  • Decide whether to accept the Buyer’s initial offer or provide a counteroffer.
  • Respond to all Buyer offers in a courteous and efficient manner.
  • Never guess what a Buyer will do - base your decision on sound judgment and your comfort level.
  • If necessary, hire a qualified real estate attorney to negotiate for you.
  • Research the market and be able to substantiate your price.
  • Listen to the Buyer’s comments and determine what their motivations are for buying your property.
  • Try to understand the Buyer’s point of view and know your own motivations!
  • List all appliances and personal property that will be included in your purchase offer.
  • Since many things can go wrong with a sale, keep showing your property until you transfer title!
  • Before negotiating, determine your tax liabilities.

If you receive two or more offers at the same time, review our Multiple Offer section. To avoid confusion, we suggest you never negotiate more than one offer at a time! To enhance your chance of success, always be prepared to review Back-up offers. When accepting back-up offers, consult with your attorney before signing a contract! For more advice, review our Seller Contract Questions section.