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Choose a listing option and place your ad

Step 4 - Choose a listing option and place your ad

Our service offers several affordable advertising options and lets you create ads with up to 9 property photos. Just login and create your ad and modify it as often as needed. Your ad will run until your property sells - all for one low price! View our sample ads.

If you choose our full service real estate option, we will measure your rooms, take your photos, place your ad online and deliver a yard sign to you. We will provide marketing and staging tips, help you negotiate your sale and prepare your sales contract. In some regions we even offer Flat Fee Discount MLS!

Our service always offers yard signs, photo assistance, helpful forms and downloadable contracts. Our Helpful Pros directory can even help you find an appraiser, home inspector, attorney or lender to make the selling process easier for you. Our service costs much less than a traditional real estate service and helps you achieve fast results without all the expense. The real estate industry is changing - isn’t it about time you advertised your property online and saved thousands of dollars in commissions? View our Listing Options.

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