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Tips for Tenants

Tips and Advice for Tenants

Helpful Guide for Renters

  • Make a list of neighborhoods, rooms and amenities that are desirable to you.
  • Determine your monthly rental budget. If possible, try not to exceed a third of your monthly income. Use our monthly household budget to calculate your expenses. Keep your rent within 35-40 percent of your gross monthly income.
  • Save enough money for first month’s rent and security deposit, plus have a month’s rent plus utilities in reserve.
  • If you are having difficulty paying the rent, look in a lower price range or reduce some of your household expenses.
  • Carefully look at how well the apartment is maintained by the landlord on both the interior and exterior.
  • Look at the carpet, windows, appliances, roof, deck, driveway, kitchens and baths.
  • Determine parking, storage and laundry arrangements in advance.
  • Determine who controls and pays for the heat and air conditioning.
  • Verify all utility budgets you will be responsible for before making your decision.
  • Talk to other tenants in the building to see how responsive the landlord or property manager is to fixing problems.
  • Locate a property that suits you or your family’s specific needs.
  • Determine if the building allows pets or smokers.
  • Determine if a pet security is required by the landlord.
  • Look for safety issues: locks, smoke detectors, fire escapes, stairway exits, etc.
  • Determine noise, traffic issues, and drive time to work before you rent.
  • Download our lease application and complete it neatly and accurately for the landlord’s review.
  • Provide a copy of a recent pay stub and driver license with your application.
  • Meet and evaluate, the Landlord or his management staff, for professionalism.
  • Has the property been properly cleaned and sanitized?
  • Ask if the property will be available on the date you need it?
  • Schedule a truck rental or moving company in advance of your move.
  • Use our move-in move-out form to protect your security deposit and save your receipts for all rents and security deposits.
  • Always give proper written notice to your landlord of your intent to move - usually 30 days notice before the first of the month, is required.
  • When moving, clean your apartment and schedule a move-out inspection. Use our inspection form.
  • Leave a forwarding address with your landlord, so he or she can can return your security deposit to your new address.