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Buying Real Estate

Do I need a real estate agent to help me with my purchase? offers you an efficient way to buy property. Our 10 step process teaches you how to become an informed buyer. Learn how to buy property by clicking on the Buy Tab at the top of this page. Buying direct from an Owner can save you as much as 6% in real estate commissions! On a $100,000 home, that equates to $6000. In most instances, that’s enough money to pay for a new roof, moving expenses, or closing costs! Our service makes it easy to view properties, schedule appointments, and download contracts. Our service truly offers one stop shopping. Study our buying process and find out how easy the process can be!

In the past, buyers have relied heavily on real estate agents to help them locate and purchase property. Today’s Internet is changing all that! Our service replaces high cost agents, expensive advertising and makes the entire process of marketing, showing and negotiating more efficient! Sign up for our property alert and start receiving our newest listings.

At, we bring buyers and sellers together and that equates to huge savings for you! Break away from hiring a traditional agent and follow our 10 Steps to Buying. Learn how streamlined the buying process can be!

How do I know if I am paying the right price?
Buying a home is a competitive process and determining the market value of a property can sometimes be difficult! Local real estate values are influenced by employment rates, interest rates, property taxes, housing inventory, and the strength of your local economy.

The price you decide to pay for a property will be based on your individual needs. Study the market and become familiar with values! Obtain market knowledge by looking at and comparing properties. Pay close attention to neighborhoods, school districts, property condition, construction quality, floor plans, square feet and the economy and perform your own comparable market analysis.

What process should I follow when purchasing a home?
To be a successful buyer, click on the Buy Tab at the top of this page and read our 10 steps to buying. Begin by establishing a household budget, then follow our 9 remaining steps.

Once my contract is accepted, what do I do next?
Print out our buyer’s checklist and refer to it regularly until you have closed on your new home.

How long does it take to close on a home?
The time it takes to close on your new home can vary depending on many factors and the complexity of your purchase. If you are obtaining a mortgage, it generally takes between 30 to 60 days. Other factors that can affect the closing period include home inspections, bank appraisals, lender approvals, sale contingencies and legal matters. To be pre-approved for your loan, the bank will require a credit report and verification of your income, debt and employment. Each of these verifications can take time to perform.

If you are buying a home with cash, the closing can occur as soon as the legal work is reviewed by the attorneys. Delays can sometimes occur depending on your attorney’s workload and issues with the property title. If pre or post possession is required, the details are usually best handled by your attorney.

How often should I contact the seller while my loan is being processed?
Contact the seller as often as you like, but not so often that you become a nuisance! Keeping the seller informed is a good idea. Use common sense and communicate effectively with the seller. Always maintain proper regard for the seller’s time!