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Schedule appointments with owners

Step 4 - Schedule appointments with owners

Our system allows you to schedule appointments directly with owners. Each of our property displays list an owner’s telephone number and email address. Scroll our listings and call owners for an appointment. When talking with owners, be prepared to answer a few questions. Here are some questions sellers frequently ask:

How did you find out about my property - website, newspaper or yard sign?
Are you pre-qualified for a mortgage?
Do you have a home to sell?
Are you relocating to our area?
Have you viewed other properties?
Do you need to occupy or close by a certain date?
What interests you about my property?

Once you’ve answered the seller’s questions, you may want to drive by the seller’s property or schedule an appointment to view the interior. If you choose to do an initial drive by, check out the neighborhood, figure out your distance to work, observe the local shopping and schools and think about other things that are important to you.

Here are some more helpful tips:

  1. For each property you wish to view, print out a property display and write your appointment time on the display sheet.
  2. Make sure you have correct directions to the property.
  3. Be punctual and call the owner if you are running late for your appointment.
  4. If you are planning to bring an agent along, let the owner know because sellers do not like surprises!
  5. Finally, try to make a desirable first impression because you may only get one opportunity to meet the owner before submitting a bid.

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