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What if you have a property to sell?

If you have an existing home to sell, you must be ready to convince the Seller that your property is marketable and that you are doing everything possible to sell your property! Sale contingencies can make a sale more complicated, but sometimes the results can be favorable for both Buyers and Sellers.

If you expect a Seller to accept an offer with a sale contingency, then you better be prepared to answer these questions:

Is your property on the market yet?
How are you currently marketing your property?
How long has your property been on the market?
Have you received any offers yet?
Where is your property located?
Is your property properly priced?
Why hasn’t your property sold?

If you have home to sell, and you need to sell your home before you can purchase your next home, then you will need to include a sale contingency addendum with your offer. This addendum will give you a reasonable amount of time to sell your existing residence, normally about 90 -120 days. This addendum also allows a Seller to continue to market their property to other prospective Buyers.

If you have a house to sell, try following our 10 Step Selling Process!