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Carefully inspect the property before purchasing it!

Property inspections play a critical role in the home buying process. That’s why every purchaser should pre-inspect the property they are about to buy!

Before making your offer, carefully look for age worn roofs, wet basements, old furnaces, old windows, uneven floors, cracked foundations, rotted decks, old electrical systems, broken driveways, dated kitchens and baths, high traffic locations, poor floor plans and overgrown landscaping.

Check for environmental concerns, flood plains, boundary and survey issues and annoying neighbors. Look for soil erosion, noisy airports, high-voltage electrical wires and other issues that might affect your well being. Review the Seller’s Property Condition Statement.

Making good decisions before ordering an inspection will save you time and money. Too often Buyers waste money on inspections when the problems are obvious!

Good home inspectors are trained to be objective and reliable. Look for inspection companies that have been in business for a number of years. Look for detailed inspection reports that include photos of problem areas. Refer to our professional directory and a sample report.

What if the Seller has recently inspected their property before placing it on the market? If the Seller has hired a reputable company, the inspection report should be quite reliable. Make sure all areas of concern are addressed in the report: Radon, Termite and Pest, Septic & Well, as well as a complete general interior and exterior inspection.

Review all problem areas with the Seller. If needed, obtain repair estimates or hire your own inspector; then proceed with your offer.

Perform your inspections in a timely manner. Don’t play games and don’t waste a Seller’s time if you are not reasonably interested in a property. Move the inspection process along and try to come to agreement with the Seller. Negotiate fairly and both you and the Seller can obtain favorable results.