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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

As we fast approach Christmas this year, think back about 2011.  What a year!  The flood of September affected many people in NY.  Yes, we still face many of the same problems:  Broken relationships, healthcare issues, finance issues and many other issues affect all of us, but God is still there performing miracles. Aren’t you glad?

Christmas is a time whereby we can gather around and give thanks to our Lord.  His birth is significant and His ministy is everlasting!  As we think about Christmas, let us focus on Christ and what He came to do for everyone !  He came to take away our sin and offer us eternal life with Him.  His ministry on earth was loving, humble and unselfish.  He made the world, transformed the world and He oversees the world today.  O What a God!  Aren’t you glad you have rest in Him?  

As you reflect on the birth of the Lord Jesus, remember His kindness and spread peace and goodwill towards others.  Christ is our Saviour and His love is neverending.  Let us praise and worship Him and let our hearts be transformed as we focus on His Lordship this Christmas! 

May all of our hearts be made merry as we celebrate the birth of Christ this Christmas.  Do something nice for others, give someone a hug, encourage them, help them and love them as Christ first loved you.  Love can heal more hearts, so share God’s love with others!