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Defining Your Needs!

Defining Your Needs!

When purchasing a home, acreage or commercial property it is important to determine your specific needs.  One should determine if you need to sell an existing property first.   How much money are you looking to spend?  Can you obtain the necessary financing?

Other questions to consider:  What will be the development or renovation costs?  Will the property fit your needs such as amount of interior space, handicap accessible, parking, lot size and room sizes.  Is the location desirable?  It is near an airport, hospital and major highways?   Is it located in a suburban,  urban or country setting?  Do you want a loft, townhouse, multi-family, or single family home?  How much are the future carrying costs such as taxes, utilities and mortgage payment?  Is the property in a floodplain or will hurricane or special insurance be required?

Working with an experienced agent who knows the market can be a real plus!  Make sure the agent understands your needs and can advise you properly about pricing and  will work efficiently on your behalf!

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