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Buying and Selling real estate today requires forecasting tomorrow’s needs.   Jobs, family size, property taxes and personal income affect our housing budget and so do utility costs and gasoline at the pump.  We all have budgets.  So before you buy, think carefully about your needs and what you can really afford.  It’s easy to live beyond our means, but not for long!

Tomorrow’s investment may be worth more or less than you pay as we have learned from the recent housing bubble.  Bank financing is now more difficult to obtain.  In other words, if your credit isn’t good, you probably won’t get a typical bank financed mortgage.  Gone are the days of no documentation loans.

Our advice is to study your housing budget carefully and write down your actual needs before you shop.  Did you ever go to Sam’s Club or Walmart without a plan?  If so, I bet you spent more than you intended.  Such is the case with many buyers.  You need to evaluate things carefully before you act.

If you need our assistance in finding the right home or establishing a household budget, give us a call.  It is always best to be an informed buyer or seller.   We can help you make smart choices so you can live comfortably.